Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleep Study

Was I dreaming or simply thinking of you?
Visions of being entwined like ivy
Climbing further up the wall, the longer
We spend together
Avian in nature, soaring upwards and attempting
To become blue with the sky
Whispering in my ear and softly melting
Away in the pillows

Doing my best to be reminded of your substance
Liquids are lost too easily through cupped hands
And I prefer not to cry over numbers
Disappearing in hypothetical mathematics
That nakedness in the classroom providing humility
A lesson learned ages ago

Once I was a vibrant plume at the edge of a cliff
Who crashed like waves at the rocks below
Faith lost, then leapt
Rediscovered in mid-flight
Never making to the rendezvous point
Gasping air and rocketing heartbeats
Ever stall that fateful meeting

I am returned to shape and your
Stethoscope breast searches for a returned beat
Knowing and feeling love in there
Frantic rhythms assure, calling to be soothed
Streets cracked and torn, singing and bleeding art
In a stunning fashion.

Was I dreaming or merely thinking of you?
It does not matter now that it passes.
Whisper in my ear as I drift
And remind me of the beauty
Of dreams and the real, found coexsisting
When I am with you.

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