Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Choke on This

I want to give this to you,
All of you that piss me off for no reason
This is not for you, the reader
But for those I want to tell off
Face to face
Yet, I'm prevented because
I have empathy

I want you bastards to choke
On those burgers you shove into your mouth
That mouth with teeth rotting from
The lies and shit that spews forth
I want that mouth to vomit rainbows and sunshine
As opposed to the garbage you accumulate
In the landfill your consider conversation

I hope you die sad, and alone
With no one to mourn your passing
Not a soul to shed a tear for your
Journey to fucking Hell
And if you continue to be a bastard for no reason
I will get this desire

Could you at least attempt to think
About another's feelings or thoughts, and
How you might make them feel?
No. I doubt it.
You're too fucking self centered to believe
In the exsistence of others.

So this round of anger is for you,
You pathetic little pricks
You no soul bastards who can't
For one minute
Live outside your world
Now go and dance in oncomming traffic
With blindfolds on
Or take a big drink of bleach
Any way you feel like it,
Just go fucking kill yourselves, and
Stop wasting our oxygen.

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