Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Beat On the Go

I once got to meet a guy who liked to wander.
He traveled everywhere, but made it a point to never go the same way.
It wasn't that he was opposed to being in the same location,
he just wanted the journey to be different each time.
Trains or cars or foot
Across skies, or paths, or roads
He strode out and set forth.

He carried as few items as possible.
A bag with a change of clothes, but
it also contained 3 books he swore were essential.
A dictionary to keep him studious,
a thesaurus to aid him in battle,
and a bible. Just in case.

When I had the chance opportunity to cross his path
I became curious, so I asked him why he kept moving
Why have no place to call home. What was the point?
He said he wanted people to think.
Simple as that.
He wasn't out to get people to change, just to think.

He told me about a woman he encountered.
Said she seemed disinterested with her life.
Seemed to just be unhappy like too many are anymore.
Said she wanted help and he told her he was no
snake oil shaman with an instant cure for sale.

Well what do you do then?, she asked.

I get people to think, he stated to her.

Think about what exactly?

His retort?
Well...he never really said what it was.

Funny how things work sometimes I suppose.
So I had to ask him what I was to think about.
He looked right at me, smiled,
and asked if he really had to answer that?
I guess not.

He left and I never got to see him again.
A shame, really,
I'd like to believe he could have told me more.

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