Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Childhood's Gone

I remember being amazed
Grass staining my clothes as I rolled around
Scavenging the skies for another dragon in the clouds
Would it be peaceful and float past
Or would it turn color and pour wrath down to the earth?
It didn't matter
I just wanted to see it again.

I remember having energy
Building forts from whatever materials found
Something, anything make-shift to shield out temporary invaders
Known also as friends.
Saying prayers in these cardboard cathedrals
That life would never penetrate the walls
I wanted them answered.

I remember soaring
Flying across the ground on two wheels
Wind blazing through my hair
My heart's only desire to go faster
Never to slow the pace
Trees becoming one solid wall next to me
I wanted life this fast

I remember crying
Not from just the wounds a mother's kiss heals
But from the pain of the walls and ceilings and beds.
The hurt caused by all these wonderful memories
They don't mean to harm, but they remind me that
I remember crying this morning because
I don't feel this way anymore.

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