Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Glimpse of the Future

Man do I ever need that roadtrip
That tour of the east coast
I need it like veins need blood
Like lungs need air, like
Skin needs water
Just that sweet release from this hole
Will be an orgasm of immense magnitude
Tension unleashed with a
Tingling aftertaste to my flesh

With music blasting down to our eardrums
Piercing the brain with thoughts of rhythm
I want to see the grass and trees
Pass by us, and change type
Every blade and branch bending away
And swaying in the wake of air
As we blast our way through
Town after town, city after city
County after county, state after state
Defying logic and reason
With speeds set by light and to
Music and aerodynamics

I hope we get there and find
Of some...no, any form
Something to help us find bliss
An epiphany discovered in the escape
From the midwestern vacuum
Something to make us have to believe in
God because the scenery couldn't be made by man
Anything to justify us
Becoming runaways from home
And leaving the tyranny behind

I want it to be true beauty though
Not some fleeting love found by
Trading one hell for one lesser hell
Hopefully the air fills our lungs
With an optimistic energy
That lets us exhale art and
Melt into the colors of the landscape
As we hold hands, watching eachother
Our desires becoming one, and fading
As we become a single essence aligned
Together by our hearts
The end result being tears, joyous tears of
Love streaking down our face

It can be any of the states out there
I just need us to be happy when we arrive
Be it through location, learning, or eachother
Let's find a spot where it feels
Comfortable to feel not just liked,
But loved, truely loved
Love enough to forget the vices
Consuming our lives, here in this current home
There we can find inner peace,
Peace enough to actually sleep through the night
Curled up together for warmth

Let's just go
Go and find our state
Our glimpse of the future
So we can see eachother smile
Those kinds of smiles were you know
Beyond a doubt
The other person is a word beyond
What happy or elated can describe
Let's find that place where
The past doesn't matter and families
Can not control nor confine us
Where we can just...be

Let's just go

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