Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holding On to the Fantasy

I can not live up to the expectations
Placed on me by those around me

All people see is the perfect me
The me that is fearless and leads them to victory
That me that can defeat anything
And helps them solve problems
The image of me that makes them feel better
By simply being close to them.
The me, that isn't the inner me.

The core me, the inside me is the one
With the issues. The one who is sad.
The depressed me who can't seem to break free.
The me who is emotionally unstable.
Who is prone to anger, cruelty, and crying.
Me, who creates an image of grandeur to keep
Those near believing all is fine.

I can not continue to attempt to live
Up to these lofty expectations.
It feeds the duality of my being.
I am not what you think I am
Me, the me I know, the me I am, the I
Is conflicted

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