Saturday, December 4, 2010


See it, the me there.
Bathe me. In.
This vision.
Unity. Us.
The we.
Never forgive your
foolish heart
for leaving a could have been
Especially when
you know I already love you.
When I'm yours
and you
cast it aside.


I give up.
I am lost.
Dark, alone, and frigid.
Ever expanding nowhere.
Forever caring.
Longing for you.
Loving the heart and the hurt.
Wishing time went backwards.
Never saying drastic words.
Redeeming prayers for hope.
Lose to and in me for I am lost.
I gave you up.

Bloody Fingers

Now I just sit here
imprisoned by walls and glass
My mind dwells on
the guilt
and sorrow
and regret
Bloody I.V.'s placed by
even bloodier hands
and a stale morning coffee
to dance with the tongue
Half empty parking lots
are lit by afternoon suns
A knock
a weekend vanished
I wish every black car was you.