Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something Like God

Healed headaches and
stress induced muscle tension
Body tingles and feels
Cured of affliction
ready to live again.

Calming and refreshing
ravaged minds
Bringing a sense of peace
to little worlds that people live in
Giving serenity to the opposition
in one's heart

Forgetting the trap of purgatory/residence
Keeping fresh the memories
of love felt
Giving loss to the ability to hate
and to suffer, knowing only

A lover's touch caressing
through vibrating air
A bliss to ear, touch
Surprising and comfortable
like sleeping with your true love.

The object of selfish desires,
holding so much power.
Beauty inciting envy
If only to steal it.
In the absence of my own,
Your voice
is the first I turn to.

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