Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Head Mistress

I feel as though I should preface this with something
explaining that editing is not my style
and this will be raw, but you
already know this about me and
You like it that way, don't you?
At least, I want to believe you do

I feel like my words come
out wrong. Needing more. Wanting more.
Never being the perfection
I desire, yet always
they find their way inside you and worm
themselves to someplace
You attempt to mask
They scratch and claw away to fuel
some symbiotic link to them
Simply feeding me with your tears. I have never been
moved more.

Your intellect and insight are so
which makes you all the more alluring.
I told you I want to be one with your mind, and I
very much intend to
Sliding into that device could only result in the most
blissful sensation known to, at
least, this man.

You instill confidence, desire
In every inch of text that I subject myself to
Poems are just words
It's the belief of its meaning that
gives it power
Admiration conveyed through
Thoughts written.

This poem is solely for you.

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