Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Shade of Grey

Driving back, to return to the point
Passing buildings and then trees,
a haze starts to settle over the landscape
That kind of wet haze that takes over
like a grey veil across the scenery
I know the rain will follow.

Stopping by the local diner, I
order my coffee as I sit
The drink is all I find refreshing
as I sit and wonder why I came back
Trying to catch up on missed happenings
is a waste since nothing ever happens here
So I sit and stare at the clouds coming in
and let my mind wander to her

A month. A month is all and I miss her
That kind of longing that burns
straight through your heart to your soul.
Not seeing her smile is like not breathing
Why am I sitting here when
I could find a way back to her?
I let myself be distracted by thoughts of work
Getting it over with before the sky gets any darker
and using it to get focus on something else
I have to
Already, I'm dying here after one day

Work, of course, goes painfully slow and
I cruise down the road with the
conviction of a zealot
We are supposed to speak and I can't wait
I'm excited enough that I almost miss my
turn, down the street to my house.

I finally get what I want most and
it makes me wonder if it was worth it
Just knowing about her day takes pressure
off the stress of being so far apart
Yet it reminds me of the same thing.
The conversation trails off and I decide to
go to sleep. Hopefully a deep one.
A sleep that helps my heart recover

I lay down and instantly think
of how she isn't next to me
I think to myself that I will
have to suffer for a short time.
Just long enough.
This is about the time that I notice
that it is finally starting to rain.

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